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May 06, 2020 2 min read

Hey Girl,

Getting up in the morning could be a real struggle—we’ve all been there! Whether you press snooze one to many times or sleep through your alarm…it’s a tough scene. That’s why we’re here to give you the best tips and tricks to have a flawless five-minute morning routine that’ll get you prepared for anything the day throws at you.

Let’s get started…


  1. Prepare Earlier


This is super important, if you want to sleep in you MUST prepare things the night before. This can be anything from packing your lunch to making sure all the things you need for the next day are in your bag.


  1. Switch Up Your Night Routine


Instead of running around in the mornings, have a leisurely hot shower before bedtime—this will get you relaxed and it’s one less thing you have to do in the morning. You can also pick your outfit the night before…so all you have to do is slip it on and go.


  1. Makeup Should Be A Breeze


Just switch out your foundation for a tinted moisturizer and throw on some bronzer and mascara. This makes you look super put together with virtually no effort.


  1. Prioritize Your Morning Spending


I personally love treating myself to an iced coffee in the mornings—people say it’s a waste of money but it gives you extra time and major motivation for the day.


  1. Plan Out Your Commute


This takes a little more planning, but if you compare and contrast different routes to make your commute easier, you could totally gain a few extra minutes to sleep in or just chill before the morning rush.


So, Go Ahead Girl—Press the snooze button… you have a few extra minutes! Let us know in the comments what tip you found most helpful and maybe we’ll include you in the next blog!


You Got This Girl!!!

Brittany Antonacci
Brittany Antonacci

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