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April 24, 2020 1 min read


Hey Girl,

There’s noting better than going out with your friends—feeling and looking fabulous. However, in order to achieve this fabulous look, a full-face glamour look is in order.

Now, you might be saying you don’t know how to do it or that’s way too much work—but what if I told you I have the perfect solution in a step by step format—Not so hard anymore, huh?

So let’s get started…


How To Achieve That Glamourous Going Out Look


1. Apply Foundation


Foundation is key to clear, perfect looking skin—for this specific look you’ll want to grab a full coverage formula and get to blending.


  1. Contour & Highlight

This step is crucial, and most would say magical! You could literally shape shift and define all of your facial features exactly how you want them to look –it's pretty amazing!


  1. Colorful Eyeshadow


Whether you add some gold glitter to your cut crease or go rogue with a bold color like blue or orange—you should have a lot of fun with this step.


  1. Eyeliner & Lashes






This look pretty much requires a cat eye and a pair of voluminous falsies (preferably magnetic)—look at the picture above as a how to guide.


  1. A Bold Lip

A bold lip is crucial—not only will you’re lips be looking luscious, but you’ll be looking fresh af.


So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to plan your next night out so you can test out this new fabulous look!


Have Fun Girl!!!

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Brittany Antonacci
Brittany Antonacci

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