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May 04, 2020 2 min read

Hey Girl,

With everything going on around us, it seems all of us our stuck in the house for weeks at a time—and snacking all day long becomes inevitable. I feel like I have been eating more snacks then I have actual meals throughout this whole quarantine.

However, I stopped doing that and resumed to a more normal eating schedule with these few easy-to- follow tips.

So, Let’s Get Started


  1. Ask Yourself If You’re Really Hungry


Most times when we grab a snack it has more to do with being bored than being hungry. Next time you find yourself wanting a snack, give it like 15 minutes and I bet you’ll totally forget about it.


  1. You Might Just Need Water


Our brains sometimes have trouble deciphering between being thirsty and hungry. So, if you feel that you’re on your third snack that day, just drink a cup of water first and if you still want a snack after that—go for it!


  1. Make Time Limits


After a certain point in the night, we no longer need food for energy as it becomes more of an indulgence. The best way to make sure you only eat what you need is by giving yourself a time limit when it comes to food intake. For example, after 8pm it’s probably best you don’t continue to snack.  


  1. Don’t Be Too Strict


Don’t deprive yourself throughout the day, because that just leads to additional snacking. Just eat when necessary and you shouldn’t have the urge to go through your entire kitchen later.


So, now that you have these super awesome tips you could be smart when it comes to snacking. Let us know in the comments what tip you found most helpful and maybe we’ll do a part two.


Good Luck Girl!!!

Brittany Antonacci
Brittany Antonacci

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