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May 22, 2020 2 min read

Hey Girl, 

The kitchen is a sacred space in every household, but sometimes it’s hard to keep clean. Whether we’re cooking a pancake breakfast or having a few dinner guests over—the kitchen always seems to be taking the brunt of the mess.

Well, today I’m here to give you some simple cleaning hacks, that’ll have your kitchen looking spotless and change your life.

So Let’s Get To It…



Life Changing Kitchen Cleaning Hacks


Clean As You Go


This one is obvious and super simple, don’t let the mess build up! Start cleaning as soon as you get a moment—this way there’s not a humongous mess when everything's done.



Have A Cabinet Devoted To Cleaning Products


Don’t have your cleaning products thrown all the house, instead clear out a cabinet and organize them in one cohesive place. This will keep you on top of little messes and avoid a total kitchen disaster! 



Dry The Dishes As You Go


After you wash all your dishes, grab a towel, dry them off, and put them away. Now, you don’t have too worry about pesky clutter and extra work later.



Wash Down Regularly

Do daily washes—this includes counter tops, tables, refrigerators, and anything else susceptible to germs. Take just five minutes each day and don’t let that bacteria build up.



Stay Organized


To keep everything clutter free and fresh, get some bins and organize the cabinets, fridge, and anything else that is always messy. Plus, you can go to any dollar store and get these bins for super cheap.


So, hopefully you found these tips helpful and let us know in the comments if you want tips for other areas in the house and maybe we’ll do a part two!

 Have Fun Girl!!!


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Brittany Antonacci
Brittany Antonacci

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