Introducing... "The 1,000 Word Series"

Hey Girl,

As we develop our blog more and more each day we love to dive into new and exciting series for your reading pleasure. And just this weekend when sipping on my morning cup of coffee I was looking through an old photo album. I quickly became inspired as I realized the emotion and memory each photo holds. Then I thought of the old time saying, “A Picture Is Worth 1,000 Words,” and truly never related to anything more in my life.

Whether it’s a beautiful painting, an old family photo, or just something beautiful…it tells a story of a specific time, place, and emotion associated with the event. That’s why we decided to involve all of you in this exciting new series by asking you to send in your favorite images. Whether it’s a piece of art you made, a family pic, or even something you found on a quick google search—we strongly encourage you to link it in the comment section below.

So, with that being said, we truly can’t wait to start this series with the images you hold near and dear to your heart with our “1,000 Word Series.” Where we’ll take your favorite images and write a blurb about it. So, the sooner you get those images the faster we can start this super awesome series.  


See You Later Girl!!!


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