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April 20, 2020 2 min read

Hey Girl,

 All of us have those few guilty pleasures that we seldom talk about but love to do more than anything in the world. Whether it's in the comfort of your own home or with your best gal pals—we all have that one thing we'd never admit to doing.

 After asking girls their biggest guilty pleasures on an online forum, we have compiled a list and are ready to spill the girly things we’re all guilty of, but won’t admit…

 Let's Get Started...

Binge-Watching Netflix


This can be more generalized, because who doesn’t like to binge watch their favorite TV series until they don’t know what day it is anymore.




Whether you are shopping for clothes, shoes, makeup, or something in between—chances are this is one of your favorite pass times and something you could never give up.




Sometimes we’re to afraid to admit it, but one of our fav things to do is get a few pizzas and a ton of ice cream and gather with our besties for a girl’s night.


Punny T-Shirts


Whether it’s a shirt that says “Rose’ All Day” or “Mermaid Vibes” we’re all a sucker for anything that has a pun and is remotely relatable to our daily life ( admit it, you have one of these or at least chuckle every time you see one). 😂



Anything Chocolate

Chances are if you’re a living, breathing female you share the overwhelming passion for chocolate every true girl gang has—whether it’s a candy bar, ice cream, or chocolate dipped anything, us girls LOVE chocolate.


Forehead Kisses


There’s literally no better feeling in the world than when your significant other kisses your forehead and tells you he loves you. I bet every girl will agree they prefer this over legit anything (maybe even chocolate, lol).


Being Awesome


If there’s one thing each and everyone of us girls are guilty being totally awesome. Let’s face it ladies we put up with so much sh*t in a day and deserve to applaud ourselves and stop feeling guilty! 

You Go Girl!!!

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Brittany Antonacci
Brittany Antonacci

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