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July 02, 2020 2 min read

Hey Girl, 

We all have life lessons we are super grateful for learning, but lessons like these are never ending and can always be expanded on. We conducted an online survey and basically asked what the greatest life lesson is that people have learned, and we got some amazing answers. 

And instead of keeping them all to ourselves, we decided to share them with you guys right here, right now. Some of these you might know, some may make you think, and others will completely change your perspective. 

So, get ready to have your mind completely blown with... 

Life Lessons We All Need To Know


Treat Other’s The Way You Want To Be Treated

This may be obvious, but it's essential—think about a time where someone made you feel bad about yourself. Would you want to make somebody else feel that same way? You're answer was most likely, NO!  So, just be nice to people and see the difference it makes for you and other's around you! 

Mistakes Don’t Exist


What people refer to as mistakes, are just life lessons that only better us and help us grow. Don't beat yourself up when something doesn't go you way, just learn from it. 


Life Is About The Journey, Not The Destination

I am super guilty about focusing where I could be and not where I am—But, remember you only get one life and you should enjoy every moment of it! 


Forgiveness Is Good For You

When you stay mad or upset at someone it usually has a more negative impact on your well-being. Letting go of this aggression is the best thing you could do for yourself and your mental health. 


If You Can, You Can—If You Can’t, You Can’t (Either Way You’re Right)

This basically means to believe in yourself, if you keep telling yourself that you cant do something than chances are you wouldn’t be able to by default. 


Patience Is A Virtue

I can’t stress this enough—if you work hard and never give up, good things will come your way—you must be patient.


You Can’t Please Everyone

You can try to be a good person, but at the end o the day not everyone is going to be happy with your decision—so make sure you do things that you believe in and are passionate about! 


The World Won’t Change If You Don’t

This doesn’t mean change who you are but change how you act. If you want change—fight for it, if you know you deserve ittake it, and if you want it bad enough—chase after it! 

So, what are you waiting for? You have all these valuable life lessons to let soak in...You Got This Girl!!! 





Brittany Antonacci
Brittany Antonacci

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