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April 22, 2020 2 min read

Hey Girl,

These days it seems harder and harder to stay motivated and on top of things as finding a place to be productive is super hard! Whether it’s homework, finishing up work stuff, or just personal  passion projects—it’s a tough scene.

But today we have compiled a list of places you could go to get work done and stay on top of your busy lifestyle!


So, Let’s Get Motivated & Ready To Accomplish At...


A Local Coffee Shop


Although basic, a coffee shop is an amazing place to get work done—get yourself a latte, pop in your headphones, and get to work. You’ll be done in no time at all—You Got This Girl!



A Library


In the library you're literally surrounded by knowledge— what better place to get your work done than that? Plus, a library tech is always there to help and would be more than happy answer any of your questions.



A Park


Nature and the beauty of the outdoors could  be invigorating! This will inspire you to finish all of your tasks for the day and maybe even get ahead! 



At Home


Get under the covers, put on some music in the background, and have a relaxing day as you accomplish daily tasks and goals.



With Friends


Hanging out with friends and having a work day to get things done is always fun! Just think, you get to be with your besties as you build each other up through your accomplishments!


So, what’s your favorite place to get things done? Let us know in the comments and maybe we’ll have a part two! 


You got This Girl!!!


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Brittany Antonacci
Brittany Antonacci

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