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April 17, 2020 1 min read

Hey Hottie,

Us girls have to stay together in the movement of looking hot af at all times, and that starts with what we choose to put in our makeup bags.I personally find myself forgetting stuff all the time and after putting on a full face I never remember to take the essentials with me, so today I have broken down every makeup item you should have with you at all times.


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Here Are Makeup Bag Essentials Everyone Should Have!


Crusty lips are never a good look, so make sure you always have a Chapstick on hand.



A Neutral Eyeshadow


 A neutral eyeshadow can blend away any smudge or run you may have throughout the day—so, don’t forget it!



Translucent Powder

This is a must—whether your skin get’s oily or you just need to freshen up a little.



Lip gloss/ lipstick



This is something you don’t want to be without—you might need a touch up throughout the day or you might just want to amp up your look, either way be prepared.




You want to make sure you’re able to have voluminous lashes throughout the day and keeping a spare of falsies in your bag is the way to go! 



So, now that you have the absolute makeup essentials, let us know what you keep in your makeup bag and maybe you’ll be featured in another blog.


Bye Girl. 


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Mike Krongel
Mike Krongel

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