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Slick Magnetic Lash System With Natural Lash

These are the magnetic lashes going viral all over social media!

You can still order today for fast 3-5 day delivery within the USA

Each kit comes with a multi-use lash, magnetic tweezers, a storage compact and a full sized magnetic liner, plus use instructions.

The included lash is subtle yet full.

Our lashes are cruelty free and made with only mink hair that has already shed from the mink.  Secured with our 5 magnet system slick lashes can withstand 25MPH winds and never fall off at the wrong moment.

Just see the reviews we have such as this one from Olga D.

"I love them so much. You can’t even tell they fake a lashes. The twice I worn them nobody could’ve tell. I fell in love with them."

Or this one from Angela C J.

"They're so easy to use and they're beautiful, they're also very affordable. I'll be getting more of these lashes and definently recommend them."

Or this one from Britt A.

"These lashes are literally everything!!! I used to take so much time with glue on falsies and now it only takes me a couple of minutes minutes and I look fresh af. I even bought a pair for my sister, and she is just as obsessed. The point is, you NEED these lashes!!! 💕✨"

How Do Magnetic Lashes Work?

Magnetic lashes use the power of tiny lightweight magnets and eye liner to to create a secure bond with your eye lid.  the liner is vegan and natural and has tiny bits of metal fragments with magnetic properties.  When applied to the eye with liner the tiny magnets are almost glued to your eyelid allowing the lash with the other set of magnets on it to instantly attract and stick

What if I can't put on liner?

for those who have trouble drawing a straight line along their eye lid we have this simple hack.  Make small dots along your eye lid then connect them!  Now you have a make up artists trick don't try and steal our jobs :)

How do they come off?

First you can pull the lash off with your fingers or the included magnetic tweezer, then with just a qtip and water the liner will come right off.  

How many times can they be re-used?

Most users can expect to get 15-25 uses out of each pair of lashes. Do not clean them with alcohol or any substance other than water or it will erode the system that holds the magnets and lashes in place

Shipping Details:

All orders are shipped within 24 hours from our US based warehouses via USPS Shipping, they take 2-5 days to arrive depending on how rural of an area you live in


Our Good Girl Guarantee

We believe in good business, if your kit arrives damaged or not at all, please contact us at so we can resolve it.  if for any reason you are not completely happy with your purchase please let us know so we can make it right.